Multi-bagger stocks

Multibagger stocks or stocks which have gone up multiple times over a period.

I wanted to present a concept here which I have spoken about earlier here. Below is a list of stocks which are part of the S&P 500 index whose market capitalization 10 years ago was less than 2billion dollars and the same now is atleast 10billion USD plus.

This is just to show that even in an environment where stock prices overall did not go anywhere there were at least 32 stocks which went up multiple times, a minimum of 6 times to a max of 100 times !! And these are not random penny stocks, but part of the widely tracked and traded S&P 500 index. Buying stocks which are part of major indices such as the S&P 500 ensures that one is buying reasonably good quality companies and not penny stocks or manipulated stocks.

Also each of these is now worth more than 10billion USD, making them reasonably large corporations. Fact is, one could have identified them if one sticks to buying stocks making new 52 week and lifetime highs.