Monthly Dow Jones Index Data

Historical Monthly Data for Dow Jones Index available for download.

Calculate Exponential Moving Average in excel

How to calculate Dow Jones Exponential Moving Average - illustrated with data in excel spreadsheet.

What is exponential moving average(ema) and how is it different from simple moving average(sma)? Simple moving average takes an average of the no of days. So a 20 day sma would calculate an average of all the figures for preceding 20 days. In EMA, we give more weight to recent observations. This is done via using a factor called exponent.

The value for the exponent = 2/(No of days +1)
So for EMA of 20 days the exponent = .047619

Now we multiply today's closing figure with this exponent, and yesterday's EMA with (1-exponent) to get new ema. Obviously you have to start somewhere, so we start with a simple average for the first 20 data points and then move onto the EMA formula from there. Confusing? Have a look at the excel sheet it will become a little more clearer as to what it is that I am talking about and how exactly it is calculated.

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Calculate Dow Jones Moving Average in excel

Someone asked me how does one calculate a moving average of any stock or index. So here's an illustration of how to calculate moving averages in excel using dow jones data. Simply open the spreadsheet and follow the calculations, they are very simple to understand. This is the simple moving average.

You can download the excel spreadsheet from here.

I have also included charts in another sheet in the same file. It has a couple of all time historical chart for the dow in both log scale and normal scale. There's another chart of the 2007-09 recession and stock market crash along with a comparison with the Great Depression of 1929-32. The same charts also have the 200 day moving average plotted to show how the 200 dma is a key technical level.

Calculate Dow Jones RSI in Excel

RSI calculation done in excel spreadsheet to illustrate how rsi is calculated. Data is of Dow jones index, daily open, high, low, close since 1928, when the index started.

Its very simple. Just download excel sheet and go through the formulas. In case you dont understand anything just leave a comment and I will write a post explaining exactly how to do the calculation.

Download Dow Jones Historical Data

All time historical data of Dow Jones index since 1928 available for download for free. Lifetime charts attached with data in excel spreadsheet. Daily Open High Low Close Volume and Adjusted Close for Dow Jones.